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How on earth did this happen…? You look down at the turtle who somehow smiles happily at you before dragging its way over to you as you kick away from your position
-Earlier That Day-
You were lying on the couch reading [favourite book] while watching TV. It was a lazy Saturday morning for you and there was nothing else to do. At least until your phone started to ring. It was Antonio Fernandez Carriedo; your best friend since elementary.
You pick up the phone and answer, “Hello?”
“Hi, [Name]! How are you?”
“Oh I’m fine Toni.” Cue silence, “Well? Why did you call me?” You ask after several seconds of silence.
“Oh right! Um, well, there’s gonna be a fair today with stalls and stuff, and I’m setting up a pet shop! The person running the fair told me to run it for the fair but I don’t wanna do it by myself. Can you come with me? Por favour?” You heard his childish Spanish accent across the phone and you couldn’t help but giggle at his cute request.
“Sure, Toni. But what time is the fair?” You check the clock for the time – 9:34am.
“It starts at noon.” He replies happily, “Can you come over to my house in around thirty minutes so I can explain to you and I’ll also drive you to the fair~”
“Sure! Bye Toni!” You hang up the phone and get up from your seat lazily; it was just so soft after taking a bath, you didn’t feel like getting up. But since it was Toni, you had to agree to his request. You get dressed in a long [f/c] tank top with the flows at the bottom, with denim skinny jeans, [2nd f/c] flats and a jacket just in case you got cold. (It takes you 25 minutes to get dressed and 5 to walk to Toni’s house.
You put your phone in your pocket and got out to walk to Toni’s house. It wasn’t that far, a couple of blocks down and boom, Toni’s house. When you got to his house, you knock on his front door, “Hello?” His house was very simple yet had a very homey feel to it. Some things were ornate, he had plants at the front of his yard, a rocking chair and last time you visited, he was growing tomatoes in the back of his house.
“Toni? You home?” You knock again. Nothing. “Toni, I swear if this is a prank with your damned friends, I’m leaving.” No response. Sighing, you turn the doorknob. “Huh, the door’s unlocked.” You open the door and walk in. The sun was shining in through his blinds on his couches and the whole of the living room.
You were about to turn around to check his kitchen when you saw something walk its way over to you. It was a turtle. You smiled before kneeling down, “Well, hello there, little buddy!”
It puts its flippers up at you as if it was asking to go up into your lap. “Ngaww! Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever?” You stand up with the turtle laying happily in your arms. “Where’s your owner? Is he playing a prank on me with his little creepy friends again?” You never knew Toni had a turtle.
You hug the turtle to your chest where you tried not to hug it too tight, “Argh! You’re so cute!” You pull away and smile brightly at the turtle; whose face was weirdly enough, red.
“I never knew turtles could blush.” You lift an eyebrow before smiling a bit.
“Your boobs are really soft, chica.” The turtle spoke as you stood there. Wait, what?”
You yell loudly as you drop the turtle on the floor and tripping on the rug and kicking away from the turtle. “Y-y-y-y-you! Spoke!” You grab a book from a nearby bookshelf and hold it up.
And that’s what happened.
“W-wait! Senorita!” The turtle spoke again, “It’s me, Toni!”
“WHAT THE HELL? YOU DAMNED TURTLE! YOU ATE TONI!” You yell frantically, not knowing what you were saying anymore.
“What no!”
“Then… if you are Toni,” your voice was shaking uncontrollably, “W-w-w-why are you a turtle?”
“I don’t know.” He smiled in his little green body before waddling over to you. “Let me back in your lap again~”
“What the fuck? NO!” You kick away once more, “Why are you so calm about this?!”
“I dunno. It doesn’t seem so weird. Francis always turns into a hamster when he insults Arthur.”
“Oh…” that’s when your face turned disgusted and pale with horror, “Toni…”
“Did you… uh... do Arthur?” You started to gag at the thought of it.
“NO! I would NEVER DO THAT!” Toni started to flail his flippers around nervously, “That’s horrific and that’s INCREDIBLY insulting!”
“I’m SORRY!” you yelled. You breathe heavily as you settle the book on the floor before slowly scooting over to the small turtle “W-well, anyway…”
“What are you going to do about the fair?” you asked.
“I still have to go, you know. ‘Cos even if I stay as a turtle, I still want people to trust me.” He dragged himself across the floor towards your knee. “Can you help me?”
“Wait a minute…” you asked, “Did you call me here so that I could take over because you turned into a turtle? Wait, then how’d you use the phone?”
“No! I was still human, chica!” He put his flipper on your knee, “A few minutes after you hung up, I passed out and I woke up, like this.”
“O-okay… Then… do you wanna go visit Arthur or Lukas or go to the fair first?” you asked before stroking his little head. Sure it was Toni in a turtle’s body, but it was just so adorable with it being Toni’s voice and everything.
“We have to go to the fair first! I’m driving!” He grinned at you.
“Toni. You’re a frickin’ turtle.” You facepalmed. “Oh right. Use my GPS, it’s in my car. The animals are at the fair, so I’ll just tell you what to do.~”
“Sure…” You stood up, turtle in hand and asked, “Where are your car keys?”
“In my pocket!” He moved around his flippers trying to reach over to somewhere on his shell, “Oh right.” He looked over to the living room floor where his clothes lay; making you blush furiously.
“Y-y-you…” you stuttered before making your way to his clothes, “Get them for me.”
Antonio caught on pretty quickly and said, “No.”
You whimpered a bit and jumped a few times in your spot, “Fine…!” You bend down and fling his shirt away somewhere using your fingertips. As if the angels and the devils teamed up against you, the boxers lay directly on top of the pockets on Antonio’s jeans. “I hate you so much, Toni…” you whimpered again making him laugh.
Taking a deep breath, you pinch the boxers with your forefinger and thumb and fling it away to the corner of the room. “PHEW!” You quickly look through his pockets and grab his keys, quickly standing up and saying, “Well! Let’s get going! We’ll come back after the fair to get you clothes then head over to Arthur or Lukas.”
Antonio nods happily and you sigh. You walk out the front door, closing it then walking over to his car garage and using the keys to open it. “You’ve gotten used to my things! Maybe you should be my wife. My turtle wife.”
Antonio grins toothlessly and you laugh at his little joke before opening his car door. You get in, lightly placing Toni on your lap and driving out of the driveway. You get out to close the garage door and sit back in the car, placing Toni on your lap again.
~~During the Ride~~
‘Turn Right.’ The GPS said as it gave you directions.
“Alright. I think we’re here, Toni.” You get up from your seat and walk out on the freshly cut grass, looking at the rides that had been set up for the kids. You see the sign for the Animal Farm and walked over to the man who was directing everyone around; Alfred.
“And I think this goes there…” you heard a part of his conversation.
“Alfred?” you asked as you walked over to him.
“Oh hey, [Name]! Whatcha doing here, dude?! Or should I say dudette?” he grinned happily.
“Oh um well…” you scratched the back of your head, “You run this fair?”
“Yuppers!” he grinned again making you slightly nervous, “You alright, [Name]?”
“Y-yeah. Um. Toni can’t make it today.”
“Oh? Why not?”
“He’s… sick…?” you answered with eyes pleading for him to believe you, “And he asked me to take over for today.”
“Oh, of course, dude! I know you two are close, so there’s no need to be nervous around me! I know Toni likes you enough to trust you with this. Tell the dude to get well, will ya?”
You nod before smiling; relieved that he believed a lie that any idiot could look through. Except for him though, he was the head idiot so yeah. Self-explanatory.
You walk over to the huge pen filled with different types of animals; cats, dogs, ducks, lambs and turtles.
“Wow…” a huge smile spread across your face as you enter the pen and close the gate, the animals flocking to you. “Awwww, they’re sho cute!” You pat all their heads, ecstatic that they warmed up to you so quickly.
“Aww, let me hug you too!” Toni yelled as he stood on the table you laid him on.
~~Time SKIP~~~~
“Thank you for your purchase! Please take good care of them~” you smile at the small male child who held a small kitten in his hands.
“I will!” he grinned before waving and running off towards his parents.
“Oh kids these days…” you sigh happily to yourself before patting the talking turtle in your arms. Toni stretches his head up so that you’d stroke his head. You giggled before another customer came along.
“Hey [Name]!” Alfred grinned at you, “You’ve sold so many pets, mostly to kids, eh?”
“I really don’t want to sell them to irresponsible people who’d forget about the animals. And it’s not because they’re kids though. They have to good kids, like Peter or something.” You smiled before stroking Toni’s head further.
“Okie dokie, dude! Whatever makes you happy!” Alfred grinned before running off to the rollercoaster.
~An hour later~
“How are you feeling Toni?” you ask the turtle who lay silently in your arms.
“I feel fine~” he replied before closing his little eyes and resting his head on your stomach. “You’re so warm…~”
“Stop that. You perverted turtle.” You chuckled before a teenage girl walked up to you.
“Hey.” She snapped her fingers in her face. Rude. “Do you have any more pets left?”
“No, they were sold out.” You smiled innocently as the girl simply scoffed.
“I need to buy my stupid nephew a pet since it’s his birthday. I need to find him a pet so he’d stop bothering me.” She grumbled under her breath.
“Well, I’m sorry.” You smiled with a dark aura surrounding you, “I have no more pets left.”
“Then. Give me that stupid turtle in your arms.” She commanded whilst holding out her hand at you, “Well? Give me it! I’ll pay you.”
“No! This turtle’s my pet.” You replied in a surprised manner.
“As if!” She yelled at you, “Give me the damned turtle!”
“Never.” You growled under your breath, “You’ll have to go to another store, this turtle’s my pet.”
“Who cares?! It’s a damned turtle! Get another one!” She yelled at you, “Turtles are useless! Just give me that and I’ll give it to my damned nephew!”
“No. A human who disrespects their own relatives isn’t worthy of buying anything.” You glared, “And this is my turtle, so you have no right to take it away from me.”
“Argh!” She yells and Toni puts his flipper on your arm as if pleading you to stop. You look at him in concern and sigh.
“Is there a problem, dudes?” You look up and see Alfred chewing on a burger.
“Yes! This woman won’t sell me the turtle!” She looked at him with an innocent look.
“Why won’t you sell her the turtle?” Alfred looked at you with a concerned look. Your pupils dilated at his stupidity.
“Because. ALFRED. This turtle is mine.”
“Oh, right, you were holding that turtle earlier today.” He shrugged, “Sorry, ma’am, but that turtle belongs to my friend.
“No it doesn’t! She’s lying! There was turtle here earlier today! In the pen!”
“Yeah… there was.” Alfred scratched his chin while the girl looked at you victoriously, “Hey, [Name]? What’s your turtle’s name?” Dang, maybe he wasn’t that stupid.
“…Toni.” And with that, Alfred grinned, “Yep! This is my friend’s turtle!”
“WHAT! Just because she thought of a name on the spot?”
“No. I remember visiting her house, and she had a pet named Toni. Couldn’t remember what type of animal though. So there you go!” Alfred grinned as the girl became more furious and stormed off.
“Thank you so much, Alfred!” you smile as you hugged Toni to yourself, “But I thought you didn’t believe in magic and stuff.”
“Well, Francis DID turn into a hamster.” Alfred popped the last bit of his hamburger before saying, “Toni, bro, say something.”
“Good enough.” Alfred shrugged and replied, “Get him to Arthur, he can’t stay like this forever.”
You replied, “O-okay!” You powerwalked over to his car and placed him on your lap again before driving over to Arthur’s house.
“ARTHUR! OPEN UP!” you rang his doorbell repeatedly before the door shot open.
“FOR THE LAST TIME FRANCIS, I DON’T WAN-! Oh, hello, [Name]. How are you, love?” He asked.
“Toni! He turned into a turtle earlier today and we needed to visit you.” You panted heavily tired from running from the car to his front door.
“Oh, o-okay!” He stuttered, “Come in! I’ll take a look.”
You sat down at his couch where Arthur paced back and forth in the room. “Are you alright, Arthur?”
“I can’t find what’s wrong with him. It’s obviously not a spell by me. And it can’t be by Lukas either.”
“Then what is it?” Toni asked, obviously nervous.
“…Wait a minute.” Arthur turned around on his heel to look at Toni, “Did you wish for anything this morning?”
“Did you wish for anything this morning? Anything, out of the blue, something that just…came out?” Arthur asked in a serious tone while tilting his head to the side.
“Well… yes.” Toni answered. “Well, what was it?” you asked.
“Ack! Um. I don’t really want to tell either of you.” Toni looked down.
“…To speed up this conversation, if you don’t tell me, I’ll call Francis. That frog will tell me anything I need.” And to that, Toni flailed around his flippers, “No! Por favour, don’t! Don’t ask him!”
“Then tell me.” Toni stayed silent. You looked at Arthur desperately. Arthur sighed and groaned almost disgusted to what he was about to do.
“Oh, Francis~” He shouted out making you stifle your laughter, “It’s hot in here!”  You were so close to laughing, you saw Arthur’s cheeks and ears turn red. When Arthur finished his rant, a man came leaping in at the scene bearing roses in his arms, throwing them around.
“My dear! You look like you need those clothes off you!” Francis came out, a lecherous smirk spread across his face.
Arthur was close to throwing up and asked, “Stop that, Francis.”
“Toni’s hiding a secret.”
“He became a turtle and he activated it by wishing something. Do you know what it might be?”
Francis let go of Arthur’s pants, and stood there, thinking to himself, “Hm… Well, there is!”
“Really!” you shot up from your seat with the turtle in your arms.
“I can’t tell you though! For information, I must be paid.” You shot a sad look at Arthur who really didn’t want to make a deal with the Frenchman since he knew what it would take. Arthur fumbled with his fingers before tiptoeing and kissing the Frenchman on the lips; where after he gagged.
A huge smile spread across Francis’ face and replied, “Can I tell them, Toni?”
Toni held his flippers up to block his face and nodded. “Well, I’ll tell Arthur at least.”
Francis whispered something in Arthur’s ear where Arthur then looked at Antonio, “Are you fricking serious. Just say it out loud! It’s nothing embarrassing.”
“Yes it is!” Confused you asked, “Um, guys? I’m still here, so can someone lighten the situation for me?”
Francis smirked and poked his lips. “But I thought you…” You pointed at him then at Arthur before saying, “Whatever.”
As you were about to lean in to kiss his lips before you heard a shout, “NO!”
You looked down to see Antonio shouting and asked, “What? You won’t tell me, so I’m getting the info out of him.”
Arthur raised an eyebrow at the turtle, “You really going to risk this, Antonio?”
“Uh, um…” He stuttered, “Fine!”
You moved away from Francis and asked Antonio, “Toni?”
“I-i… I really like you, chica.” Antonio mumbled, almost inaudible. But you were able to hear faintly, making you blush a bit. “Did I hear that right?”
“I really like you!” He said in a clearer voice covering his face once again, “And this morning! When you hung up, I was going to tell you I like you. Then I said myself that I wished I had more of your attention!”
You blushed so hard; the red roses Francis threw would’ve been lighter in colour compared to your face. “R-really?”
“Yes…” And with that, a big POOF happened and the turtle disappeared from your hands. Now your face was so red, It was unbelievable. “KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” you yelled as you covered your eyes, “TONI! PUT CLOTHES ON!”
“Que? Didn’t you bring some before?” He looked at you innocently, obviously not caring that he was naked.
“OH SHIT, I FORGOT!” you yelled while covering your face.
“Calm down, love.” Arthur sighed while blocking his own eyes, “I have clothes upstairs; he can use those.”
“Oh, yay!” Spain ran up to find clothes and ten minutes later, he came down from the stairs, “Wow, Arthur, you only have formal clothes.”
You looked up and saw Antonio in a dress shirt where he rolled up his sleeves and undid some buttons on his shirt with black slacks that went down perfectly on his long legs. You blushed slightly at the sight of him. He smiled when he saw you and ran to hug you tightly. “Chicaaa!!!”
“T-toni…” You hit his back since he hugged you too tight, “Can’t breathe!”
“Sorry~” he lets go and smiles, “Thank you, you two! We’re going to go home now!~”
“No problem, also, keep those clothes, I have plenty here anyway.” Arthur replied.
“No, I’ll return them sometime this week~” And with that, Toni dragged you to the car and he drove you to your house.
“Well, here’s your house, chica…” he said happily although there was a hint of sadness hidden in your voice. The two of you got out and he walked you up to your front door, “…Toni?”
“Yes?” He looked up at you as you were standing on the top step while fumbling with his fingers. You kiss him on the lips where he stood there slightly gaping with his cheeks tinted a cute pink colour. He stayed silent and stammered a lot. Your cheeks then turned pink, “I-I’m sorry! I thought that… you liked me?”
“I do though…” Antonio mumbled awkwardly making you laugh a bit, “Oh, Toni, and I thought you were from the country of passion?”
He looks up and smiles brightly and pulls you into a hug, “I am too… I love you, [Name]”
“I love you too, Toni.” You smile happily at him.
“Be my turtle girlfriend?” He asks innocently making you laugh.
“Of course, you cute Spaniard!”
I based this off a weird dream I had this morning. I mean, some other stuff happened but at one point, Spain was a duck(not a turtle) and he was holding a stall at a fair with animals and then i was all wtf. then spain said, "Church is about to start, mind my store for me." Then at one point this little boy asks me for the duck that was there earlier then Spain comes along onto my lap and i was like, 'no, my duck.'

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the story! Some FrUk for you, sorry if some of you don't like the pairing. If some people pair up Hungary and Austria in their stories, I can do the same for FrUk right?

EDIT! Making this an "Animal Wish" Series! Starting off with Spain~

Anyway, I don't own anything but the story.~
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Wingweeper Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
Oh gosh this was simply adorable. I loved reading this from start to finish! Awesome job author-chan!
FieryDemonX-X Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
didn't he call me his Turtle Wife earlier? i basically got down graded from a turtle wife to a turtle girlfriend XD... welp if i ever get a turtle i shall name it Antonio or Toni now XD
XcookiesXvsXmuffins Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Student Photographer
dude i would love to be spain's turtle girlfriend such a cute man i swear!! XD

i love turtles they are so fricking awesome~
Especially when they're awkward!
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
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When I finally get a turtle...

I'm naming him Antonio.

My family will question it. But goddamn it I want a Spanish turtle.
onceuponatime2015 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
I actually had a Spanish turtle I called him Tony......he disappeared later when I was like 10
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
dont we all xDDD
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King of the turtles is really a turtle wow and so cute!
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
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SakuraDrowned Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
My dreams
My dreams have come true
Mí creído España es una tortuga
I like turtles
Turtles are love
Turtles are life.
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
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Smirkingdevilprince Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Student Writer
"Be my turtle girlfriend?"

-few days later-

Spain : *wakes up from his sleep and looks around* huh.. [f/n]?

Reader : Toni...

Spain : ... *stares at her*

Reader : ... *stares back*

Spain : *picks her up and hugs her tightly while laughing* ah~ my [f/n] is the cutest turtle ever

I can totally imagine reader chan being a turtle because of it xD but omg qwq it's so fwuffy and cute!!
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
hAHAHA awww thats so cute !! :D
thank you for reading~~
peachykeen3502 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Extended ending
~~~~~~~~ A few months later~~~~~~~~~
*in middle of restaurant*
🇪🇸: *Kneels down* Will you be my turtle wife
Rest of Restaurant: 0_o
Francis on a date with Arthur : Ah love is beautiful non~
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
awwww i might make a proposal sequel sometime actually i like fluff~~~
peachykeen3502 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YESH plez!
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It would have been cute if this were called "Turtle Girlfriend"
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Oh my god! I love this so much! 😍🐢🍅🇪🇸❤️💛❤️
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TURTLES!!!!   La la la la 
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"Your boobs are really soft, chica.” O//////O
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You're Welcome~
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I had a pet turtle xD he was adorable but He died cuz I got him in winter (which was unkind at that time and I lived in a bad apartment) :..(
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Best dream ever
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LOL it was actually a bit frustrating because turtle spain left me alone to tend to a stall and i was too scared to do anything------
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Aww <3
Turtles are adorable! When I went to Costa Rica, I saved about 40 baby turtles! XD
It was awesome
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Omg! That's so cool! :iconhandspazzplz: I remember i got to hold a turtle when i was at the zoo, they were so cute ahhh
Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
They're cute and smelly XD
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Really?!?!? You went to CR???? I LIVE THERE! *fangirls*
Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
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SorryI have thisthing where I fangirl when somebody mentionsmy countrycuzI feel likemy countryis too small andbarely known (stupid spacebaris being stupiDX)
Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
It's not that small lol
Kumanjiro: who is she?
Me: she's Costa Rican :P
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The weird time when your friends start discussing about COUNTRIES and you get a nosebleed when they mention "Russia is really big!"
Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
or whenever someone mentions Florida, I just start laughing! XD
LunaticMiyuki Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
awwwwwwwwwww thats so cute 
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Turtle spain would be so cute!
🐢...supreme leader of the turtles.
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
Ah Yes, it would be adorable it would be very adorable :iconcryingbearplz:
seerofheros Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
My version:"Yes…” And with that, a big POOF happened and the turtle disappeared from your hands. Now your face was so red, It was unbelievable. “KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” you yelled as you covered your eyes, “MY EYES! IM BLIND!”
The end.
PopstarChoc Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
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