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(A/N Just something I thought of when I see Romano cussing and Antonio telling him off.)
“OI! You stuuupid tomato dad!” The young boy yelled to his father who was currently cutting up vegetables. He turns and asks, “What is it, little Romano?”

“Keep your bitch under control!” Romano yelled as he pointed at you; you were standing there, smiling at Antonio, your husband, not caring about the things that Romano was saying.
“Romano, you should stop swearing! I don’t even want to know where you picked it up…” Antonio put down the knife, and shot a concerned look at the young auburn-haired boy, “And you shouldn’t call your mother that! She brought you to this world.”
He bent down to face Romano and pat his head, “Understand?”

“No. I don’t fucking understand!” Romano growled at Antonio who just simply sighed in defeat. “I don’t like her!”

“Did I do something wrong?” You asked simply, tilting your head to the side.

“Yes you did!” Romano turned and stomped over to you, “You fucking took the switchblade that Uncle Potato Bastard gave me!”

“Romano, you’re seven years old, why would you need a switchblade?” You ask as you cross your arms, waiting to hear his excuse.

“What if I get kidnapped?!” Romano yelled.

“Then Toni and I would find you and they’d get arrested.” You say before smiling, “But I doubt that would ever happen to you, you’re a good child.” Antonio looked around when you said ‘good child’ and simply scratched his arm.

“Whatever! I hate you!” Romano yelled before running and stomping up to his room. You walk towards Antonio and you see that his face was clouded with worry.
“I-. That’s not even adolescence… He’s seven years old.” Antonio sighed, “Why on earth would Ludwig give him a switchblade?”

“Who knows?” You say as you space out, deep in thought. But Antonio broke your focus from the wooden floors; he pulled you into a warm hug. “You’re not really a… you know.”

“I know I’m not.” You say as you slowly pull away from the hug, “And I’m not exactly harmed by what he says. But what if someone hears him saying that? I don’t want him to be judged or spoken about just because he swears… a bit.” Antonio continues to chop up the vegetables as you close your eyes, “Am I bad parent…?”

“No! [Name]! You are not a bad parent! A bad parent is one that would LET their children have a switchblade.” Antonio’s eyes widened in pity. “I’m sure he’ll get over it, okay?”

“Sure. I guess since this has happened before but with different objects.” You giggled as you helped Antonio chop up the tomatoes.

“Yeah… The REAL handcuffs he got from Gilbert, the frying pan he got from Elizabeta, the yaoi he got from Kiku, the knives he got from Natalia, the pipe he got from Ivan, should I continue?” Antonio grinned.

“Ahaha, I’m sure I got the gist of it.” You laughed as you forgot all about your worries. Little did you know that Romano was actually eavesdropping and he felt slightly bad for his attitude. With that, he tiptoes back up to his room and takes a nap.
Suddenly, he hears your voice in the distance.  “Stop!” He heard a cry from far. He sees darkness and a sudden flash of light. His vision is suddenly replaced by a colour of red and he could see his dad crying, yelling and trying to say something to Romano. But his voice was distant. Yet he could feel the cold and the terrible atmosphere he was surrounded by.
“Ah!” Romano yelled as he got up from his sleep. He suddenly started to cry.
“Romano!” You dashed in and sat on the edge of Romano’s bed. Poor kid was crying his heart out as you tried to calm him down. “Ssh… It’s just a silly, little nightmare… Don’t worry, nothing happened.” You cooed gently as you ran your hands through his soft hair.

“You’re an idiot…” Romano sniffled, “I hate you! Why are you even my mama?!” He suddenly yelled out. You were caught by surprise as you pulled your hand away. Romano instantly regretted the words he yelled out. He didn’t mean it like that.
‘What have I done? I wasn’t meant to do that!’ Romano mentally yelled at himself. He continued to cry as you sighed, “You want to eat? Dinner’s finished… you must be hungry?” You smiled behind a true face of sadness. Romano stayed silent as you got up from his bed.

“[Name]!” You could hear Antonio’s yells from downstairs. Turning to look at Romano, whose face was still tear-stained and down, you turn around once again and walk out, walking down the stairs.

“We don’t have any cheese!” He frantically cried while hugging you around the waist. You chuckled as you ran your hands in Antonio’s curly, chocolate coloured hair.

“Don’t worry! I’ll go out to buy some, okay?” you release from his tight hug and grab your wallet and jacket. “I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“Okay!” Antonio grinned before frowning, “Also, [Name]? You’re a great mother to him… Don’t worry about what he says.”

You grinned, “I said it before, Toni! I’m never hurt by his words, I’ll be fine!” But as you turn around, you could feel the sadness overcome your entire being. But before you could walk out, Romano trots downstairs, his eyes still slightly puffy but his tears gone.

“Wait! Let me go!” He trots over to you. You smile, “Why would you want to do that, Romano?” He could tell that you had a hidden message behind your words. A ‘didn’t you say that you hated me?’ message, and this made Romano terribly guilty.

“B-because…!” He fumbled with his fingers as Antonio simply stared at the two of you, “I’m going to make sure that you don’t pick the wrong cheese, idiota!”

“Ahaha, of course, Romano.” You say as you pick off his jacket off the hanger and put it on him. “Let’s go?”

Romano nodded and followed along as the two of you walked through the silent streets. But as you were about to cross a road, you hold out your hand hoping that Romano would grab it. But as if petrified and confused, Romano shook his head and just walked on ahead.

“Romano! Don’t!”

“You’re an idiot mama, there are no cars!” Romano simply said as he turned around to talk to you whilst standing on the road. But to your dismay, you see a sudden flash of light and by your instincts, you jump in time to push Romano off the road, then suddenly-
“Ow…” Romano mumbled. “M-mama?” He said in a trembling voice as he looked around in the darkness of the night. “Mama?!”
He got up and looked around the road. That was when he stood still, he saw a pool of blood surrounding your body and looked up to see the car still on the road and the people who were in it, out and panicking.

“Mama!” He cried out loud as he bent down to hug your body. In less than a minute, Romano could hear the sounds of sirens everywhere, all glowing the colour red, like the colour that surrounded your body. He cried even louder as the police took him off of your body which was currently losing a lot of blood. Romano cried as he tried to reach up to the stretcher that you were quickly put on.

He then started to cry even louder as the policewoman picked him up, taking him away from the ambulance which was now driving away. As he could hear the people who were in the car panicking and saying how it was all their fault, crying a bit themselves, Romano bit his lip, hiccupping.

“It’s my fault that mama’s hurt!” Romano cried, his voice breaking quite a bit. His cry caught the attention of the driver and the passengers involved, “It’s my fault! I didn’t listen to mama and now! She’s hurt, it’s all my fault!” He cried, wiping his tears away on his sleeve.
The policewoman tried to quiet down the little boy but it wasn’t working. While Romano was still crying, through his tears, he could slightly see the figure of a man running towards them. Through his tears, he saw just the man, he didn’t want to see.

“What happened here?!” Antonio yelled at the police woman who was startled by his sudden appearance. He was sweating quite a bit, his shirt was half- unbuttoned, his hair was unkempt and he was breathing quite heavily.

“Papa!” Romano held out his arms, in which Antonio took him from the woman’s arms. “Mama’s!”

“W-what happened to mama?” Antonio asked, not wanting to use your name at his point.

“She was involved in a car accident.” The policewoman said politely as she was readied for the reactions of the man. Antonio’s eyes dilated, his mouth agape, his grip slightly loosening on Romano and his voice was gone.

“…[Name]. Was…” Antonio managed to get out. The policewoman and the police behind her tried to avoid eye contact with the angered Spaniard who carefully put the young boy down. “And whose car was it?!” He growled in a dark voice.

He turns around to see the petrified faces of the driver and the passengers; their faces pale with fear. But before Antonio could storm over to them, Romano grabbed his leg. “It’s not their fault!”

“Oh. And whose might it be?” Antonio growled in an angry voice, his dark side coming out.

“Mine!” Antonio was slightly taken aback as Romano cried on his leg.

“Would you like a ride to the hospital?” The policewomen kindly asked, trying to lighten the atmosphere by a bit. Antonio nods slightly in which they head towards the police car, and enter.

~~To the hospital~~
When they finally got there, Antonio and Romano got out before the poor police could even pull over. When they ran out and in the hospital, they could see that the hospital was slightly packed. Without a second thought, Antonio ran to the front where he quickly asked, “Where is [Name] Carriedo?!” (A/n I felt so corny writing that)

The woman at the desk simply looked up in complete boredom, “You can’t see her yet, as she’s in terrible condition.”

Impatient, Antonio growled in a harsh voice, “Then when the fuck can we see her?”

Her eyes slightly widened by the man’s dark voice, she stutters, “I-In about an hour or so.”

And with that, Antonio lets go of the desk and walks off to sit down on the seats with Romano, who finally stopped crying. Antonio stayed silent as he was currently deep in thought. But suddenly, he starts to mumble to himself, “It’s my fault for letting her go out by herself…”

Romano looks up at Antonio, feeling really guilty now that a couple of people have taken the blame for his mother’s incident. But instead of saying anything, Romano puts his legs up to his head, his head on his knees, and stayed silent.

In about two hours, the doctor comes out from the corner of the hallways and says calmly, “Mr. Carriedo? You’re able to see her now.” And with that, Antonio shoots up from his seat, powerwalking towards the doctor, followed by Romano who ran towards the doctor, but alas he wasn’t as fast as Antonio.

When they finally walked to your hospital room, they could smell a faint aroma of sunflowers as they entered. They then could see Gilbert sleeping on the chair next to your bed, drooling with his mouth opened. He suddenly awoke from his sleep.

“Ngha?” Gilbert opened his eyes as he choked slightly on his saliva, “Oh, man, you’re here.”

“Gilbert? Why’re you here?”

“Dude, seriously? I am her brother. Why else?” Gilbert yawned, stretching his arms. Antonio looks down in shame as he had to face the one he last wanted to see. “Don’t worry, I’m not blaming you.”

Antonio looked up again, his eyes tired, “But… I promised I’d keep her safe…” Gilbert simply cracked a grin and said, “She’s safe now.”

Antonio, not wanting to argue back walks towards your bed to watch your sleeping figure. You looked so helpless, you were taped down to everything and your arms and stomach were bandaged. Antonio felt a pang of guilt which was something Romano noticed. Gilbert gets up from his seat and yawns, “Don’t worry, man. You’re awesome enough to take care of mein sister. Just don’t hurt her… in ways of cheating and abuse. Or I swear, I’ll kill you.” And with that, Antonio felt some guilt disappear as Gilbert somehow forgave him. As Antonio rest his head on the bed whilst his hand was on yours, he dozed off. But while his helpless father slept, Romano stayed awake.

~~Timeskip to like an hour~~
Romano had stayed awake, and it wasn’t easy. After all that crying, he definitely wanted to sleep now. But right now, what he wants is out of question. It was what he needed; you.

He was so close to dozing off when he finally hears a mumble. “Mmh…” He hears your voice from your bed as you tighten your eyes in your sleep. In hope, he snaps his eyes wide opened and sees yours slowly open. At first you turn to see Antonio sleeping on your hand but afterwards, you turn to the other side where you saw Romano’s petrified look.

And with a couple of blinks, Romano gets off his seat and jumps in your arms; just wailing. Despite your injuries, you felt slightly happy that Romano went to you first. He cried out, “Mama! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s alright, Romano…” You chuckled.

“N-no… When you were in my room… I didn’t mean it like that, mama!” He cried out again, “I meant that you shouldn’t have had a pathetic kid like me!”

Your eyes widened, “You mean, you don’t hate me?” Romano shakes his head violently before hiccupping into your chest, “I forgive you… And Romano. You’re not pathetic! You’re wonderful! And I love you.”

You kiss his head and from all the fatigue, Romano instantly falls asleep. From the tiredness you encountered though, you fell asleep as well, with your husband and son at your side.

-Extended Ending-
“Romano… Romano… wake up…” You whispered as you saw that Antonio and Romano had fallen asleep overnight with you at the hospital.


“Yeah. You want to play a prank on your papa?” You asked mischievously.

“…Go on.”

“Have you heard of the term… amnesia?”

And with that his eyes widened as you giggle to yourself. Finally, Antonio wakes up from his slumber and sees you awake and well. “[Name]! Oh my God! I’m so glad you’re alright!”

“…Who are you?” You asked with a blank face. Romano tried hard to stifle his laughter and kept his head down. Antonio’s face was covered with horror, his face pale. “N-no!”

Deciding not to go on with the prank, you snort and reply, “I’m just joking, Toni! You should’ve seen your face!” You chuckle along with Romano whose face was covered in happiness.

“Hey, that’s unfair! That’s so mean!” Antonio pulled a pitiful look as you wipe away the tears that were at the corners of your eyes.

But not taking the joke seriously, Antonio pulls you into a tight hug, “I thought I lost you…”

“Don’t worry, Toni. I’m here, and here I’ll stay.” You chuckle as he rubs his face on your shoulder. Deciding not to ruin the moment between you and Antonio, Romano hugs your hand as you sigh.

‘I love you both.’

I put a plus sign to indicate that you're not hitting on a seven year old.
Anyway, this one is pretty random but it just came up in my head and yeah. Although I have hidden intentions behind this piece:
I want Romano to beg on his knees for mercy. Check.
I wanted Antonio to be the husbando. Check.
I wanted Ludwig to be weird. Check.
I wanted Reader-chan to be related to the German brothers. Check.
I wanted Antonio's dark side to come out. Check and check.
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Hmm? Ah not really, I guess the car crash/accident pattern is probably just coincidental. The reason as to why people are giving Romano gifts? Well, you know how older people give toddlers gifts? Well, it's just like that, except the people giving Romano things are quite. Odd.
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